RuuviTag offline data to Ruuvi Cloud sync?

We have a Ruuvi Gateway that sends data from a number of online RuuviTags to Ruuvi Cloud for environmental monitoring of a building. Works really well!

We also have three shipping containers used for storage which we would also like to monitor using RuuviTags which can log up to ten days of temperature, humidity and pressure data. We have confirmed that the data is logged on these RuuviTags using the Ruuvi Station app to extract a .csv file.

How can the offline data be synced to Ruuvi Cloud?

Will it happen automatically if the RuuviTags from the shipping containers are brought within range of the Ruuvi Gateway?

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Hello @john.connett ,

That’s an interesting question and I hope you get a useful answer here.

Even if I don’t use the cloud myself, I follow such topics with great interest.

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Unfortunately offline data is not possible to sync to Ruuvi cloud. Gateway is also not able to download history data from RuuviTags as it’s only sending data from RuuviTag broadcasts. It would be quite challenging to implement a feature where gateway would download history data from each RuuviTag.

You may propose new features here 🇬🇧 Feature Requests (voting) - Ruuvi Forum


Many thanks for the reply. I thought that might be the case.

Good morning, @john.connett

did you create a feature request as suggested?

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I haven’t created a feature request. As @henri said It would be quite challenging to implement.

The long term solution we are likely to adopt is to capture data locally from the Ruuvi Gateway using MQTT. We anticipate having other MQTT publishers (solar PV, SmartMeters, …) so it makes sense to collect them into a common time series database. Reading the offline data from .csv files for upload would satisfy our requirements.

Many thanks to you, @66er, and @henri for your comments.

Hi @john.connett, it sounds like you got your problem solved already, that’s good news!

I just want to add that there is a commercial solution with Ruuvitags for this specific use case using RuuviTag firmware and gateway from Kaltio Technologies. Each RuuviTag can store up to 17000 samples so with 1 min interval and 4 sensors it can store measurements of 2 weeks. Data from Ruuvitags can be retrieved at the shipping destination with either the Android application or 4G-LTE mobile gateway from Kaltiot. These are different from the Ruuvi Station app and the Ruuvi Gateway, because of the different firmware the gateway also needs to be different. Data will be stored in our cloud and can be automatically pushed to your backend or downloaded via REST API.

Hope this is helpful information if someone else happens to have the same need and is considering how to best implement it.