RuuviTag HW versions

(Sorry if I missed some announcement - I am just a happy user with few problems, so I don’t follow these forums very closely. I tried searching but was not able to find anything.)
I visited the main Ruuvi site today and was surprised to see that RuuviTags shipping now apparently have different sensors than they used to have but still are sold under the exact same name. There’s no air pressure sensor (can easily do without) but much better temperature accuracy (could use that). The question is: how can I be sure that I get the “new” ones if I order now? Are they in stock or is there some wait?


You are probably referring to data sheet which states also RuuviTag Pro sensors?

From RuuviTags there are two versions.
RuuviTag 4in1: Temperature, air humidity, air pressure, and movement: Currently of stock.
RuuviTag 3in1: Temperature, air humidity, and movement: Currently stocked

From RuuviTag Pro’s there are two versions.
RuuviTag Pro 3in1: Super high accuracy temperature, air humidity, and movement: In back order.
RuuviTag Pro 2in1: Super high accuracy temperature, and movement: In back order.

Thank you @henri, I am referring to the specs saying “Typical absolute accuracy ±0,2 °C” which is worse than Pro but still much better than the old Bosch sensor. Am I right?

Temperature / humidity sensor in standard RuuviTag has been changed from BME280 to Sensirion SHTC3. Accuracy is higher than in Bosch BME280.

Is there an easy way to tell which sensor my RuuviTags have, Bosch or Sensirion, and what their accuracies are? My first RuuviTags are from late last year.

Yes, Bosch looks like this:

And Sensirion like this:

I think the easiest way is checking whether your RuuviTag measures air pressure or not :wink:

Not really, earlier we shipped always devices with air pressure sensor. Now in RuuviTag 4in1 it’s a separate sensor :slight_smile:

Aha, so now I am totally confused! Is there anywhere a list of all RuuviTag HW configurations that have ever shipped with their specs and when they were shipping?

My oldest tags have a BME280 looking thing but it says 870 UP on it. The new ones have the Sensirion sensor.

We don’t have such a list, but our lifecycle promise covers all the variants:

In all* tags:

  • Acceleration is provided by LIS2DH12.
  • Temperature is provided by nRF52, BME280, SHTC3 or TMP117 (from least to most accurate)
  • Humidity is provided by BME280 or SHTC3
  • Air pressure is provided by BME280 or DPS310

All shipped tags have equal or better sensor accuracy compared to the original Kickstarter RuuviTags and same firmware supports all existing sensor combinations.

.* There are some prototypes with drop-in compatible parts, if you have one you know it.

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Thank you @otso, that pretty much answers my question.

Below is a photo of my RuuviTag from late 2020. Is this the BME sensor, or something else? It looks like one (but has a different name), and sits in the same place as the Sensirion sensor in the newer RuuviTags…

That looks like BME280 to me, the “870 UP” are traceability codes

Thanks. So, not a cheap shady knock-off :slight_smile: