RuuviTag Espruino not showing in IDE

Espruino IDE it only tells me SEARCHING… NO PORTS FOUND

I need more details to help you with this issue.
Have you updated the Espruino Firmware to RuuviTag?
What OS/device you’re using?

burned the latest Espruino v92.51, windows 10, I can see the Tag in the bluetooth menu, it shows up as RuuRviTag 1662.

Says ready to pair, but pairing fails. Do I need to pair?

Tag should be paired in IDE only. Personally I’ve used native application on Windows 7 with CSR8510 USB-BLE dongle and Zadig driver installed as instructed on Espruino web site.

Are you using native application? Which drivers and BLE device you’re using (dongle / internal)?
I personally recommend against using zadig drivers on computer’s inbuilt BLE device, as the zadig driver prevent me using any other BLE device.

using stand-alone IDE with a usb BLE dongle. windows sees the Tag but refuses to pair. IDE sees only serial ports not the Tag

Zadig is only needed for windows pre 8.1.

Please check what the Espruino Console says, this will give more information for debugging the issue:

Ok the log shows some problems, but I don’t understand what they mean. Here are the lines that show the problem:

We have chrome.serial - not using ‘serialport’ module
’noble’ module couldn’t be loaded, no node.js Bluetooth Low Energy Error: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED
Disable Web Bluetooth as we have Winnus instead
serial_audio: Audio Sample rate : 48000
serial_audio: Audio Serial Baud 9600 Bit time 5
Web Bluetooth available, but Windows Web Bluetooth is broken in <=56 - not using it
GET = undefined

I might add that I have three windows 10 machines, two PC’s and a laptop. None of them will connect to the Espruino tag.