RuuviTag Datenlogger

Hello, where can I find information on how to read the data memory with the logged data (Every 5 minutes)?
How to set the date and time. There is no clock in the Ruuvi.
It would be nice if there were different firmware, where for example every 30 minutes or every 15 minutes is logged.


The logs are stored in a format of “age of this log element”, e.g. “This logged sample is 5 days and 13 hours old”. It is the responsibility of reader to convert that to real time, e.g. “Now is Saturday 16.30, so 5 days and 13 hours old log sample was measured at Monday 03.30.”

There are a few templates for firmware variants, the longmem-variant is configured at ruuvi.firmware.c/application_mode_longmem.h at 78e65c662be9aa62069884cc1c4d581d4f25908c · ruuvi/ruuvi.firmware.c · GitHub which sets the logging interval to 30 minutes.

You can configure and built the firmware with your settings if necessary, we don’t support runtime configuration for simplicity.