Ruuvitag data is not updated in cloud from older tags

I have newer tags 4 and they show up in the cloud but not the older ones even if they show up on the mobile phone. Any suggestion on how to fix this since stated that GW should work with all tags older and newer


Screenshot from cloud

Screenshot from phone


By observing the precise values of the 164B and 1CE7 sensors, I can assume that these sensors are using outdated firmware (really old one - that is using different protocol). To fix the issue, please update the firmware of each of the older sensors. The easiest way to do this is by using the mobile app. Simply go to the sensor settings and scroll down to the Firmware section for each of the older sensors. There you will find firmware update feature.

From my understanding you must have physical access to the tag to press button. This is not possible since the tag is inside concrete. (with external cables for power but no access to button “B”). So what would be other work around way to get the gateway to read the data since is still works in mobile phone. This was main reason to buy the gateway since stated out that it works with all tags also older ones.


To send the URL format data to Ruuvi Cloud, you need to enter gateway configuration and check “Send all beacons” in the Gateway configuration instead of “send RuuviTags only”. You’ll find the option under advanced settings. The Ruuvi Cloud URL should be entered by default, it’s

The email and push notification alerts will not work with the URL data format, but data should be received by the Ruuvi Station application. We’ll need to verify that Ruuvi Station can parse the URL format data coming from the cloud.

Please share one URL sensor to and so we can take a closer look into the data and fix any issues that might pop up.

Hi, have sent URL in seperate email as requested.

Did I understand change of settings right?


Thanks, the settings seem correct to me.

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Thank you Ruuvi team for implementing support for old Ruuvi tags also to the Gateway/station