Ruuvitag data collector for ESP32

Check my new data collector for ESP32. It has many functionalities including Influx and MQTT sending and low power consumption features.


Awesome project, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I moved this under Showcase-category so it’s easier to find in the future

Can you please include hardware used.

Basically any ESP32 development module should work. I have tested with this and this one All of them are using ESP32 WROOM32 module which has 4MB flash memory. The remaining flash not used by the program is used as a storage for measurements.

No additional hardware is needed.

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Where do you find specifications/manuals for these?

This is good place to start

Datasheet and technical reference manual especially.

I managed to get this up and running on an ESP32 and reading values into node-red via Mosquitto mqtt broker.

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for parsing this data out within node red, this is the payload I receive:


Edit, I got this sorted out by changing the MQTT subscribe node within node-red to parsed JSON object. A debug node can then be used to reference individual objects within the payload.