RuuviTag buttons

What do the Ruuvitag buttons do?

I can’t find information anywhere.
I pressed them a few times and didn’t notice anything, except, I noticed the temperature reading went up by 10 degrees fahrenheit, and it stayed there for 15+ minutes and then started dropping slowly back to normal. Not sure if that is button related or if I touched the sensor with my finger.

Please see our user manual:

And RuuviLab article about the firmware application:

Thank you.
I’ve been having a problem with my tags. One of the tags is about 2 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the other two. The tags were all placed right next to each other for hours when this measurement was taken. I moved them to a different room and, again, one tag (Ernesto) is about 2 F lower than the other two. I reset them all, and still the same problem. Is this a faulty tag? Or is there a way to adjust it?

76.35 °F = 24.63 °C
74,52 °F = 23.62 °C

-> difference is 1.01 °C.

In room temperatures, according Bosch, BME280 sensor’s typical absolute tolerance is ±0.5 °C.

Got it. Thank you.
I love the tags so far. I look forward to the tracker.