RuuviTag Basic - ideas how to use?

Hi, I got my 3 Ruuvitags couple weeks ago. I tried to find one of these with my Ipad Air 2 and beacon worked fine. However I thought that there should be Weather station installed as default, but there was only Eddystone firmware pre-installed. So I figured out that I have Ruuvitag Basic without sensors.

Is there only temperature sensors in it? Why there is not any specs at Ruuvitag website that there is 2 different ruuvitags and Basic doesn’t include sensors?

A little disappointment so far with informations By Ruuvitag. Do you have any ideas what you can work with these Basic ruuvitags more than check temperature which is not accurate?

You could for example experiment with Eddystone, Google has a plenty of ideas on how to get started.

If you want to program the Beacons themselves, you can try out Espruino.