RuuviTag (Basic) Espruino and Openhab

Utilizing the awesome Espruino Framework, importing data from the Ruuvi into OpenHAB was nice and easy

Also leveraging the EspruinoHub project I have created a little mqtt bridge that will scan and collect ruuvi information and publish to mqtt (which openHAB will be listening too) Very much like espruinoHub, but only 1 way, and without nodered and other dependencies that it requires

We can get cool graphs and use the openHAB rule engine to power home automation based on temperature and the like

Code for this can be found on my github page and a more detailed writeup on my blog (but apparently I can only put 2 links because I’m a new user)

Unfortunately I’ve only been able to send temperature data from Ruuvi with Espruino, still working on being able to include humidity data (the “RuuviTag” module did not work for me)

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Do you have Ruuvitag basic or plus model with all the sensors?

I only currently have RuuviTag Basic at the moment. Waiting for the shop to open so I can snag myself + model!

Ok, that’s why the “Ruuvitag” module does not work for you, basic does not have the required sensors. It should be fine on plus model

Ahh okay. I thought that may be the case. Thanks for clarifying!