Ruuvitag and new "Matter" standard for smart home

I’m a beginner with ruuvitag and not a programmer nor technician to setup a DIY smart home. Thereby I’m looking forward some kind of plug’n’play experience for setting it up at some point. Currently there is a huge lack of compatibility between component producers and for me it does not make sense to stick to any of those. But help is coming at least on paper: standard called “Matter” ( Matter ( for smart home IoT.

Question for ruuvitag crew: which kind of role and use cases you see possible for ruuvitag products in a smart home setup based on Matter compatible devices?

Hello Jepu and thanks for the link.

It seems to me that Matter is IP-based technology, and RuuviTags are not connected to the Internet by themselves. Ruuvi Gateway might be able to join in Matter network, but I don’t know enough of the technology to estimate what kind of work would be needed.

As XKCD puts it,

Well, that is quite skeptical approach as there are quite a many perfect examples for successful standardisation - as I understand e.g. internet would not be here without.

Thereby I hope and encourage that you take that seriously. Some day I would like to be able to follow ruuvitag values from some Matter based central where I would be able to define alarms, actions etc. covering entire smart home components and devices. Just ordered yesterday some more tags plus gateway thinking such scenario.

As you are working in open source mode, it would make sense for me to implement compatibility to general standards. But like in the strip, in worst case also the most common proprietary ones may be required. However, I believe it is to critical to ruuvi’s success in consumer business that it will not stay as a standalone or proprietary system - if consumers are a priority…

how did you fix it?