RuuviTag and CHIP (problems to connect)


Sorry if this snould be under some old topic, but I did browse those and those didn’t seem to quite fit in. So I was thinking to start new topic so I won’t be messing these issues in other topics. After these are solved I think I should try to follow those other topics.

So what’s the problem?

I got my Ruuvitags and I have CHIP instead of Raspberry Pi, solutions should be quite similar tough. The problem at the moment is that I can’t connect CHIP to Ruuvitag.

At CHIP forum there was that connecting to BLE devices should with these introductions:

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I also tried to follow introductions at stackoverflow with commands:

sudo hcitool lescan

Which finds the Ruuvitag MAC Address, but scanning in extremely slow, seems like it hangs actually. So I resstrted my chip and tried:

sudo hcitool lecc F1:69:B9:6E:63:A7

with result: Could not create connection: Connection timed out

When I tried:

sudo gatttool -b F1:69:B9:6E:63:A7 --interactive

I got: [F1:69:B9:6E:63:A7][LE]>

I typed connect after that line and got:
[F1:69:B9:6E:63:A7][LE]> connect
Attempting to connect to F1:69:B9:6E:63:A7
Error: connect error: Connection refused (111)

Can you guide me to the right direction to get RuuviTag Connected to CHIP and start following some project to read data to database etc.

Thank you for your answers.

RuuviTag is not connectible by default, it acts as a beacon which broadcasts advertisements for you to receive. Please see Ruuvilab for more information.


So i have to change it to RAW mode, gotta take a look at it tomorrow cause can’t watch videos with voice now… But by reading that page it seems to be as simple as pressing the button. hope so, cause I can’t flash firmware since nRF Connect can’t connect ether by now. :slight_smile:

Hmm… Seems that I cannot switch to raw mode, no matter which of those two buttons I press, or even both at the time. Red led will be on a while but soon switches off and green led begins dimly flash. No dimly flash at red.

Also bit confused about that ruuvitag-fw page, it says only about button when there is actually two of them. It also gives you understanding that with raw mode you can read the values with Raspberry Pi, but on the other hand…

At troubleshoot page there is:

  1. I can’t connect to the Weather Station.
    The Weather Station firmware isn’t connectable. It broadcasts only. However, it will gain new features soon.

So does that mean that Raspberry Pi & RuuviTag comminicate only through that application (RuuviCollertor), no connecting to Ruuvitag first? If so then only app is needed for CHIP also. But should be able to turn raw mode on anyways.

Please make sure you’re running latest ruuvi firmware available from

The RuuviTag is always broadcasting, so any application which can hear the advertisement packets can receive data. You’ll need an application to interpret the packets for you. Please search for available options.

Thanks! I’ll try to update firmware later, took a little brake when the weather is so nice… Anywy the problem if that I cannot get nRF Connect to connnect ruuviTag. Well I did get it once, but since by then I was trying to get Raw mode on, I didn’t continue to try ro do anything with nRF Connect.

But at some poin I try to follow more carefully your guides. Just small request, when there’s need to press button, please specify which button at your guides. Thanks!

Not sure when I will continue my testings, but will inform here any success or if I still ned to ask something. :slight_smile:

This is intentional, RuuviTag is in broadcast mode which is not connectable. You can get the data from broadcasts.

Well you suggested to update firmware so I had to connect and managed to connect and update firmware by following your Firmware Update -guide. For other usage it has become pretty clear that RuuviTag is intentionally in broadcast mode.

Thanks anyway! After upgrading firmware I managed to turn raw mode on. :slight_smile:

PS. I don’t think it would hurt anyone if folks at RuuviTag would edit that ruuvitag-fw page so that instead of saying just:

When switching to the RAW mode, both of the LEDs light up and the red LED starts to blink about once a second. Just press the button again to return to the URL mode where the green LED blinks roughly once in five seconds.

Just press the button again to return to the URL mode where the green LED blinks once in every five seconds.

(yep that last line is there twice & no definition of which button)

To something like:

When switching to the RAW mode press button B, both of the LEDs light up and the red LED starts to blink about once a second. Just press the button B again to return to the URL mode where the green LED blinks roughly once in five seconds.

But many thanks for directing me to the right direction!

Thanks for the proofread, I updated the info page :slight_smile:

Thanks! At least one advice request under this chip thread, if you guys have a time…

What would you recommend to use with CHIP? My goal is to create some “typical” weather station web page, no full page graphs. So is it better to send data for example to and create pasic page and insert some smaller graphs from thigspeak (haven’t actually even use that yet)? And would it still be Ruuvicollerctor which i should use to read the data?


Our live demo at uses RuuviCollector to send data to InfluxDB and the graphs are then inserted to

Maybe this could be a good starting point? I’m not familiar with thingspeak, so I do not know what kind of dataformats they expect. In any case RuuviCollector or Python library helps you to receive data, even if you need to program another library for transmitting data to thingspeak,

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I don’t understand how to choose raw mode on my tags.
If I push B button durring 5 seconds, le green led lights on during 2 seconds and after it blinks with very low light

If I push R button durring 5 seconds, le red led lights on during 2 seconds and after the green led blinks with very low light

What is the good way to active raw mode and know in what mode I’m am ?
Thanks very much

Pressing “B” changes between the modes, “R” resets the Tag.
On Raw mode, the Red led is blinking

Thanks Otso for your quick answer, but even if I press B button many times, ii is always the red link which continue to blink low

Please install latest Ruuvi firmware from RuuviLab.. If that does not help, please check if your Tag is a model+ with all the sensors or basic model sold on Kickstarter.

Normally, my 3 tags have full functions. I received them 2 weeks ago.

I have just tried with the last one, and the behaviour is the same.
When I push the B button, normally the 2 leds should light on hight, but for me, juste the green led ligthts on hight

Ok otso, I update the firmware and it’s OK NOW. Thanks very much :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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