Ruuvitag alternatives?

Did anyone know similar producs than ruuvitag? Why ruuvitag is best? Or is it?

Many companies and users find RuuviTag interesting because it’s:

  • Open-source hardware
  • Open-source software
  • Ready to be used in various business cases (not just a development tool)
  • Built using high-quality components

If you’re looking for other open-source nRF52 based development boards, you might find Puck.js interesting:

If you are looking for non-open-source Bluetooth beacons, many are available.

I wish Ruuvitag had a light sensor. I would like to monitor daylight/sunlight as part of my meteorological exercises and I decided to order this one:
It is not opensource (but seems very configurable), it’s much smaller than Ruuvitag but consequently uses much smaller battery (shorter battery life) and according to some reviews has much shorter range than Ruuvitag.
As I am waiting for the delivery, I wonder if anyone here has any experience with this BlueRadios product.

I guess I should have started with why I have chosen Ruuvitag over competition for my weather monitoring experiments:

  1. IP67 and -40ºC to +85ºC operating range. Minus 40 is not something theoretical for me - we had -31.5 last night. And it snows on my tags regularly, And I am not even using a special battery.
  2. Long operating range. I can’t confirm 1km but it works fine from about 40m through the [wooden] walls of my country house and from under half a metre of snow.
  3. Long advertised battery life. Can’t comment on that so far as I have been using Ruuvitags for a month only.
  4. Open source software was a nice selling point even though I did not try to hack the firmware yet. But what turned out even more useful is some open source logging software kindly provided by community members. And support on this forum from both the Ruuvi guys and community members is fantastic.
  5. Reasonable price. Of course I would prefer it to be cheaper but there’s no cheaper alternative on the market with comparable specs.
  6. Last but not least - it looks and feels like a beautiful piece of engineering and I appreciate beautifully made things :wink:

Where are you located? -31.5 !!

50 km North of Moscow :wink:

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:snowman: :snowman_with_snow:

Thanks for the review. Maybe you can attach some pictures from your location? And sounds great that normal battery (which is specified to -20C) is also working in -30C :smiley: It’s interesting to see how long time it will be working there.

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I will post some pictures later. As for -30C - it was not a prolonged exposure, just one night. In the last 40 days the temps fell below -30 only once (plus about five times below -25C and about ten times below -20C) but always only for a few hours during the night. I think (or should I say I hope :wink: ) the temps won’t fall below -30C in this winter anymore.
And when I’m saying “normal battery” I mean whatever battery was shipped with the tag - I never checked what is written on it but I believe it’s not supposed to be HR/HT (shipment of 12 Dec 2017).

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Here’s a few pictures with snow and with no snow :wink:


:sunglasses: very nice. (Photos 2 and 3 don’t look they are from the same time period!)

Looking very good and very nice wooden house! We don’t have so much snow in southern Finland but quite much still.

It’s a “normal” battery but rated to -20C but so it’s working also also cold temperature (as we can see) :slight_smile: