RuuviStation: Alerts based on longer term data

It would be useful if RuuviStation mobile app could alert only when longer term measure data moves outside of alert limits. For example humidity alerts: when I take a shower, humidity value temporarily moves over high threshold, causing a “false” alarm. I would like to receive an alert only when humidity has been over high limit for longer time, for example 2-3 hours. This would prevent the false alarms.

Whether to use latest measurement or averaged data, could be a configurable option in RuuviStation app. Also the length of averaging/filtering could be a user configurable option. For me, the optimal value would be something like 2-3 hours, but this could be configured by user to any value withing range 1 minute - 24 hours (or even more).

Just my Є 0.02

This feature is currently added to Ruuvi Cloud business plans (used with Ruuvi Gateway). It might be possible to add a feature to mobile app.

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Are we getting anywhere nearer being able to reset the movement counter to zero remotely?

Not really, it would need huge amount of changes to firmware,mobile apps and it would add security concerns which we don’t want to add (allowing device configuration and control remotely).