ruuvioStation RESTAPI Emoncms

I’m editing the ruuvioStation so that it sends data to Emoncms as an endpoint, the problem is that Emoncms requires that the values ​​of the json are embedded in the URL and I did not understand (I’m pretty early with Android Studio) how to get away from
the values ​​of the individual tags
I should cycle for each tag and pull out the name and temperature values ​​to insert them in the URL
I’m editing the page
because if I have not misunderstood it is the one that continuously cycles the call to the endpoint

Maybe you could create a for-loop which iterates through the list and GETs the URL for each list item?

I’m not familiar with Android programming myself either, so there might be some gotcha which would keep that approach from working.

yes, in fact I managed to solve that way