RuuviCore - A .NET Core solution for gathering measurements with Raspberry Pi


So, I finally managed to open source my project, which is a “yet another Ruuvi measurement collector”. The point has been to manage everything related to the actual measurement gathering in a one solution, so only one executable / service is needed to enable listening for the Bluetooth LE packets, provide a HTTP gateway for the Ruuvi App, and publishing the measurements to InfluxDB. Pushing to Azure IoT Hub is also supported, however I’m not using it myself currently, but I tested that it should still work.

The project is implemented with actor-architecture, so each RuuviTag has an individual counterpart inside the RuuviCore, and is configured and running independently. Microsoft Orleans framework is used as the actor framework.

I have been running RuuviCore for almost a year now, and have a couple of friends as active users also, and at least using Raspberry Pi 4, it has turned out to be very stable. Running in Raspberry Pi 3 has had some Bluez related issues, which hopefully are all resolved now.

The project can be found at:

All comments and questions are welcome, and feel free to give me some future development ideas :slight_smile:

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