RuuviCollector, Pi 4 problems

Hi. I have followed the instructions on and i beleive i got everything working on the Pi, even though i am a total newbie at this.

When i execeute “java -jar target/ruuvi-collector-0.2.jar” i get no errors what i can see, but there is not showing up any readings. The last line says - “[Main] Succesfully reading data from hcidump”.

Questions -

  • Should the RuuviCollector - Jar-file list readings on the screen?
  • Is there any logs i can find to read what is going on?
  • Using “hcitool lescan” i can see my Ruuvitag´s name. (if setting it to DOWN and then to UP after trying to use the Jar-file) Is there any way to see the transmitted readings hcitool?
  • Any other ideas what to do to get this thing working?


This means that the collector is properly receiving BLE data (anything, from any device). This confirms the hcitool and hcidump subcommands get properly executed and you are receiving some data from the bluetooth adapter.

Not by default, apart from the “initial startup logs”, only errors will be logged. This is to avoid unnecessary writes to logs when run on a Raspberry PI to reduce the wear on the SD card.

In the config you can set storage.method=dummy to log the measurements on-screen rather than InfluxDB for troubleshooting purposes.

You can use hcidump to see the transmitted readings, hcidump --raw to see the raw data. Note that you need to have the scan active while doing this, either by having the collector running, or running hcitool lescan --duplicates --passive (which is actually what RuuviCollector runs). Note that only one scan can be active simultaneously, and the scan must be active for hcidump to receive any data.

Since you seem to be getting data in the collector, and the collector does not throw errors (such as being unable to connect to InfluxDB), everything sounds like it’s working. Have you checked if you actually get any data to InfluxDB? Another common issue is having incorrect time on the Pi, as that can make it hard to find the measurements.

Thanks for quick answer!

As you suggest, the collector did actually work!

Executing influx -> SELECT last(“temperature”) FROM “ruuvi_measurements” WHERE time >= now() - 6h GROUP BY time(15s), “mac” fill(null) sends me some actual temperature readings!

Now i only need to figure ut how to get Grafana to work…