RuuviBridge and Mosquitto MQTT in Docker Client ID

Dear ruuvi community,

i did setup ruuvi go gateway, mosquitto mqtt broker and ruuvibridge all in docker. So far everything works great. the ruuvi tags send their data to the go gateway which pushes the data to the mqtt server now i want to finish setting up ruuvibridge to send the data to a influx db. but i have following question. on the ruuvibridge git site they state the following in the config.sample.yml

Client ID, required for persistent sessions and has to be unique on the MQTT server

does anyone know how to set the clientid on mosquitto docker instance.

regards, thomas

Hi @kammerlt,

You don’t need to configure the clientid on the mosquitto broker because it just relays data from the MQTT client. So, you need to configure client_id for ruuvi-go-gateway:

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Hey Alexey,

thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. I got it up and running :-).

Have a nice day.

Regards, Thomas

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