Ruuviberry on Raspbian Buster?

Hi everyone,

Got myself a nice new Raspberry Pi 4, and got Raspbian Buster installed (seeing as reading the helpful posts and medium article on how to make a Ruuvi gateway ( and it seems that the instructions don’t seem to work anymore (Grafana starts but is blank, RuuviCollector installs, but then seems to talk sporadically to InfluxDB, and then not at all - even though the tags are next to the Pi). Not sure if it’s because I made some silly mistakes or if it’s more a fault of Raspbian or of the Pi 4.

Basically all I want to be able to do is to set exactly this scenario up so that my wife and kids then get to see the cool graphs (they do love them :slight_smile:) Are there any plans on doing an updated version of Ruuviberry ? Or is there some other way that I could get this working. If anyone has any suggestions, I am more than happy to hear them !


The problem is probably in the binaries of Grafana and InfluxDB. If I recall correctly they’re not a part of the official distribution for ARM. Please let me know if you happen to find version compiled for RPi 4.

Thanks ! I will keep on trying and reimaging it until I find one that works, and definitely let you know if I manage. I am reluctant to reinvent the wheel with botching together another ruuvicollector :slight_smile: Back to the drawing board then