Ruuviberry for Raspberry Pi 4 ARM64

The Raspberry Pi foundation has released a board with 8Gb of RAM. Unfortunately, this requires a 64-Bit ARM operating system.

Are there any plans for an ARM64 version of Ruuviberry or Ruuvicollector???


The image updated on 2020-01-19 at was tested with RPi 4 and worked fine.

Yes but is it an ARM64 operating system??

Oh sorry, I somehow misunderstood your post and thought you meant Pi 4. I’ll have to take a look at the new Pi

After a quick review, I don’t see a benefit of maintaining a 64-bit image for Pi 4 B with 8 GB of RAM. The Raspberry Pis are usually standalone gateways and 4 GB of RAM is plenty for those, spending more money to have unused RAM sitting on board won’t make sense for most of users. Those who want to run the Ruuvi Collector on their Pi 4 B can follow the instructions to set it up for themselves.

@MikeSchattl, you can run the latest Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) on the Pi4 with 8GB. I did this yesterday, 100% headless. No issues.

After system updates and the Influxdb and Grafan installs it did start running slowly. But upon first boot there were no issues. And regardless, ruuvicollector seems to work fine on the 8 GB Pi, if for some reason you want to run the collector while also doing a bunch of other stuff with the pi, which I am hoping to do. As @Scrin alluded to, I’m probably an edge case.

Yes, I was hoping to multitask with my Pi 4. We’re probably not the only ones. :blush: