Ruuvi with Thread & Matter

I just have received 2 Tags.
but unfortunately the radio doesn’t work from my base floor to the second floor.

I hoped that Ruuvi might enable the upcoming IOT protocol Thread (&Matter) So mesh networking would be possible (to get the signal to my floor.

But but the the bummer.

the used Nordic chip are incapable of supporting or Thread or Matter.

So this investment is a dead end. :hot_face:

Are there any plans of upgrading your product to more capable Nordic chips like the nRF5340 or nRF52840?




We don’t have update to chip on our roadmap, right now we support only nRF52811 for high-volume low-cost deployments. The reason for not supporting higher end chips is that they are not electronically compatible with PCB, we’d need to do a redesign and all the laboratory testing involved.

Ruuvi Gateway which has a built-in low noise amplifier for Bluetooth signal which boosts reception quite a bit. Fruitymesh, Miramesh and Wirepas mesh networks run on RuuviTags if mesh is absolutely needed, but those are paid-for third party options and usually suitable only for business clients.

Which receiver are you using? I have a RuuviTag in my attic and I receive its signals on the ground floor, just with my laptop’s built-in BLE adapter, as well as with a Raspberry Pi 3B+. Using an external adapter could help.