Ruuvi - Victron general topic

This is a general topic regarding Ruuvi and Victron integration.

Victron Cerbo GX Bluetooth USB dongle testing by MVader:

In this post, I have listed all dongles tested by Victron, as well as others.

Generally speaking, any USB Bluetooth dongle featuring Bluetooth 4.0 will (most likely) work on GX device.

The main purpose of this list is to guide which USB Bluetooth dongle buy and use to get wireless temperature monitoring using the Ruuvi wireless temperature sensors. To use mainly on a CCGX, Venus GX, and also the Cerbo GX. Why the Cerbo GX? Thats because even though the Cerbo GX features built-in bluetooth, that doesn’t work reliably enough. More details about that on in the GX product range datasheet.

For now we won’t be stocking them ourselves, since that will only make them rather expensive for anyone to buy; whilst freely available on the internet for just a few USD up to 10 or 20 USD, without ourselves, and our dealer network, to be in the middle.

List of tested dongles by Victron, that work:

  • Logilink BT0037
  • TP-Link UB400(UN)
  • Ewent EW1085R4
  • Laird BT820
  • Laird BT851

All above list was tested from -17 to 70C.

List of tested dongles that don’t work:

  • TP-Link UB500(UN)
  • Avantree BTDG-45 (Avantree DG45)
  • Nobrand 5.0 USB dongle (amazon link)

List of dongles tested by others that work:

  • Insignia (NS-PCY5BMA2) for $14.99, tested by @Roamer105 , see below.
  • Kinivo BTD-400 - tested by @Al , see below
  • Ideapro USB bluetooth adapter 4.0 - tested by see below

And some comments on what doesn’t work: several Bluetooth 5 dongles that we tested do not work. Most or even all Bluetooth 4, or 4.2, did work. Reasons for them not working differed per unit. Some might benefit from a newer kernel, or newer library of linux-included firmware files. But our aim was just to test what works and what not, so we stopped there, and did not, and are not aiming to in the near future either, spent time on making them work.

Whilst finding a compatible WiFi dongle can be difficult, Bluetooth is -luckily- different.

More tests welcome!

If you tried another one, and it works, please let everyone know by posting here - thanks!

Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle won’t work for this

The Victron Bluetooth dongle is not designed to connect to a CCGX or Venus GX, it is only for devices like MPPT, Phoenix inverter or BMV-700/702.

What does Bluetooth add?

Bluetooth on a GX Device currently servers two purposes:

  1. you can configure the ethernet and wifi networking, using the VictronConnect app.

  2. you can read temperature and humidity from the Ruuvi wireless sensors (requires Venus OS v2.80 or later).

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