Ruuvi tag rotation data

Hello guys,

my question is if the ruuvi tag is able to acknowledge a rotation of the ruuvi device.

I mean for example:
you have a bike and you put the tag in the center of the wheel

Case 1: bike is on a trailer and the trailer is moving (wheels of bike not moving, but bike is moving)
Case 2: bike is driving (wheels of bike are rotating, bike is moving)

Are there any more datas of the tag which would give a rotation speed or at least that the device is rotating instead of just moveing up and down or forward?
Or am i only able to detect rotation over the change of XYZ Acceleration?

I hope you have some ideas :slight_smile:

RuuviTag does not have gyroscope onboard, but you probably could detect the rotation speed with the gravity although centrifugal force might skew the results.

Do you know any good android app where i can view the acceleration data (XYZ) live on my phone?

Current ruuvi firmware does not really support this use case, since the accelerometer is sampled at 1 Hz. Iā€™m not sure if there is android app which would plot the data for you, you might need to send the data to your server with the Ruuvi Station gateway feature