Ruuvi tag pro Wildly Inacurate

Just received a Ruuvi Pro it appears it is out by nearly 5C
I placed it near 2 others & it displays 5C Above the other 2
Humidity is Approx the same on all 3
What should I do Please These are bloody expensive & freight cost nearly as much again

Hello and sorry for the trouble.

Difference of 5 C sounds a lot larger than what any error in sensors should be, so I suspect something else is the root cause of issues.

One possibility is that the RuuviTag Pro is just hot after being handled, touching the device heats it up quite a bit. In that case the temperature should settle soon.

Another possibility is that there is some radiating heat source hitting the Pro and not the other 2, for example sunlight or even a TV ventilation. Even closed boxes can have different temperatures if there is something heating the box unevenly.

Third possibility is that there is some contamination in the PCB which heats up the board, if this is the case the battery will die in a week or two and we’ll know.

Please put the tags to e.g. closed cabined so we can be sure there is no external influence and check the readings after one hour. If the problem remains please follow-up here and we’ll figure out the next steps.

I hear you However
Its not been handled for over24hours
it was -3 here last night & it registered 0.1
its currently 12 & it says 16.7
its NOT in sunlight its on a wall in SHADE OUTSIDE
2 other sensors (not Pro) read & perform Correctly within .01DEG
Can Offset the temp via Ruuvi app but it does Nothing for the Victron tank reading stays as actual reading I think offsetting is Only withing the Ruuvi app

Thank you for the details.

Please contact and we’ll figure out the next steps.