Ruuvi Tag pro bluetooth distance

I bought a few RuuviTag pro sensors, put one in the Scribed log sauna and my phone cant read it from approx 50’ away. I have just bought a gateway to see if it extends the signal…

Hi @jolypg ,

Thank you for your message! There can be various reasons for wireless signals to get blocked. Please check our support article first for possible clues to possibly improve the situation

Ruuvi Gateway has a more capable antenna compared to your mobile phone and it will offer a better range for wireless signals but it will also suffer from significant obstructions such as metal or concrete.

i have similar design constraints (steel shed 100 feet away). in this case an external antenna (like on the mopeka tank sensors) may help as my victron cerbo gx can pick up the tank sensor (outside) the shed but not the ruuvi in the shed

or how about the sensor portion be the remote part (inside shed and small and rest of logic in the disk outside the shed. (dont know how much logic needs to be with the sensor)

or a sensor that can act as a relay point between a sensor and gateway