Ruuvi tag firmware adding support for TMP117

I need to add the support of TMP117 sensor in my Ruuvi tag. Initially got some reference from here Ruuvi Firmware: Adding a New Sensor - Ruuvi. So tried to get the source code from git GitHub - ruuvi/ruuvi.firmware.c: Ruuvi Firmware version 3. Built on top of Nordic SDK 15, uses both Ruuvi and external repositories as submodules. In Beta, no breaking changes are intended but may be done if absolutely necessary I followed the steps and tried to compile it on SES. This is what im getting now in SES

I have already put nrf SDK on the project directory but im getting a file not found error here. Iโ€™m a newbie with RuuviTag Could you please guide me on this ?


Support for TMP117 is already built in and used in RuuviTag Pros. If you need to support external TMP117, please check out the branch at Feat support external tmp117 by ojousima ยท Pull Request #337 ยท ruuvi/ruuvi.firmware.c ยท GitHub.

The error itself seems like you have not downloaded the nRF5 SDK 15.3 to the project root.

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I have the SDK downloaded to project root as shown below

That doesnt changed the issue. I cant even clean the build.

Yeah i got it, building problem was with the path of SDK. I had an extra folder created as part of unzipping, it is building fine,