Ruuvi tag + ESB + CE + FCC

I have read information about ruuvi tag compliance and what we should not do and what we can do and it seems that ruuvi CE and FCC is not touched when using different radio protocols other than BLE. But are you meaning well known standards or any custom or proprietary protocol?

I am thinking to use nordic ESB ‘proprietary’ prototol instead on BLE in Ruuvi tags.
Will FCC and CE compliance keep untouched in this case?


FCC and CE RED RF measurements are made using full power (+4 dBm) carrier wave, not Bluetooth. Only Bluetooth declaration is affected if a custom protocol stack is used.

Ok, but I want to just use ESB custom protocol (not bluetooth nor bluetooth and ESB at the same time). Is FCC and CE compliant guaranteed?

We’re not a certification office, and we cannot give an answer with 100% certainty on what kind of a change would invalidate the CE/FCC certification.

The FCC test is available at, the device is tested with a special Direct Test Mode firmware which is softdevice-independent. As far as we know the same test is valid for any software radio you’ll install, but I’m not a lawyer or certifications specialist so I might be mistaken.