Ruuvi station to home assistant - separate networks

hey there, i have ruuvi pro subscription and i want to integrate my ruuvi gateway with home assistant. The problem is the gateway is on a network separate from my home assistant.

any suggestions? I figured since ruuvi station is in the cloud, it wouldnt matter which network my home assistant was on

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Hi @William_H pardon me if I am mistaken, but maybe this is what you are looking for?


The Home Assistant plugin does not fetch data from Ruuvi Cloud. We have not really considered the usecase where the devices would be on different networks.

In my own home, I used nginx-manager to route traffic over the Internet to my Ruuvi Gateway, so I can access the Gateway remotely through Nginx-support requires latest alpha firmware available at Artifacts of ruuvi_gateway_esp-PR #1212 : /build [Jenkins], we’re planning to release it to beta in a few weeks.

If you have configured remote access to Ruuvi Gateway over the Internet, you should be able to configure the URL to Home Assistant plugin and use the plugin as usual - but I’m not sure if anyone has tested it in practise.

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