Ruuvi Station killing my phone's battery?

Lately I have been wondering my iPhone’s battery needs frequent charging. It was replaced a few months ago, so it is quite fresh. To my surprise, I found that the Ruuvi Station accounted for 36 % of the battery usage in the past 24 hours (and Pokémon Go only 19 %). It was split into 1t37 on screen and 7t35 in the background. It accounted for 6 % for the past 10 days.

I did a lot of syncs and uploads yesterday, and one of my 10 RuuviTags had a permanent connection so this explains some but I was quite surprised, nevertheless. Often I have noticed surprisingly low battery levels, and I wonder if Ruuvi Station or the permanent RuuviTag connection could be to blame.

Now I disabled the permanent connection, and have done most of the syncing and uploading I planend to do. Let’s hope the battery does not get depleted as quickly as before.

Just a general question: could Ruuvi Station be the culprit of battery depletion?

We have not measured the impact, but since the RuuviTag sends data to be processed for alerts once per second it might be the reason. @Rinat any further thoughts on this?

Permanent connection consumes battery, especially if you selected “Data Logging Interval” “All” (we are calling this feature “save every heartbeat”).

I hope after removing permanent connection the power consumption went down, please ping me if not.

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Hi Rinat,

I was saving every heartbeat. Once I cancelled the permanent conenction, RuuviStation has not consume too much battery.

Problem solved. Thanks!

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