Ruuvi Station iOS feedback topic


The first public beta is now available for download. Please try and leave your feedback. More features will be added later.

Ruuvi Station iOS public beta

Next need configuration settings for Fahrenheit.
Is source available?


@dgerman Fahrenheit will be added soon. Then we’ll start working with custom backgrounds and so on. Any bug reports are welcome.


Current use of variable width font causes display to “giggle” with every update.

Use of a fixed width font would prevent this. Also space fill update seconds to prevent giggle when reading changes from one to two digits (example “9” “10”)


There you go:


there’s no graph?
also there is no external gateway support?
these things would certainly be nice.
backgrounds are not important at all. functionality is what counts.


These features won’t work as expected on iOS, since iOS doesn’t allows apps to receive BLE advertisements when not in the foreground. I’ve written a bit about this here, see “Known Limitations”.
So please go complain about that broken bluetooth implementation file a bug report / feature request with Apple…


Love the iPhone app. Just retrieved 2 Ruuvi tags from my beehives to replace the batteries and check for any firmware updates. Hopefully you/Apple can sort out the limitations so that we can have graphs in the near future?
Great product.
John :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: