Ruuvi Station failing to read tags

I’ve been using a tag for measuring temperature in my car, when I have my dogs in the boot.

I remember last year it was able to draw graphs how the temp and moisture changed when putting a wet dog inside… However, lately I have troubles to even connect to my sensors. Occasionally they seem to work.

Problem is not with the sensors, as my raspberry can read them with no gaps in grafana graphs.

Maybe I should add one raspberry in my car too, I’m planning to use it with my car audio so it could read the tag too.

Ruuvi Station quality has gone down the toilet.

Hello @tambu ,

Thanks for your message and sorry to hear about troubles with Ruuvi Station.

Could you please write to our support inbox with a bit more details like phone model, app version and specific details about symptoms and we will be happy to look into this and help you out.

Many thanks in advance.

There are also other things which can affect how app can perform on the phone so it’s not only how RuuviStation works or if there are a bug in the app.

  • Some phone manufacturers are adding more strict power saving features and they are killing app. Phone updates can bring new settings which are activated after the phone update without user knowing. Typically Chinese phones are most challenging, for example Oneplus.
  • Some other apps & Bluetooth devices can block sometimes Bluetooth usage for other apps. Typically most challenging are Chinese or other Smartwatches which try to keep Bluetooth connection hijacked to them all the time.
  • Sometimes different Android updated can bring issues with phone Bluetooth (for example Samsung destroyed Bluetooth radio for several months with their software update. Range was reduced to few meters in some phone models).

Samsung xcover 5
Android 13 (last update may1)
Ruuvistation 2.9.16
I have disabled any stupid battery savings

Does not have problems playing youtube over bt connected to car audio (work car)

I don’t have any other bt in my own car atm.

Sometimes station finds tags, if it doesn’t i can’t make anything to make it work. Restarting bt etc

In general there’s no any known issues with the app and it works for the majority of the users (otherwise we would be flooded about the feedback). Behavior is that phones restricts the app Bluetooth usage and doesn’t allow to update anymore.

But let’s try to solve the mystery. Are you able test app and sensor with any other phone?

Can you confirm that these settings are like this?

Ruuvi Station listed to never auto sleeping apps?

Ruuvi Station app, unrestricted

Disable remove permissions if app is unused

Can you get 4 or 5 RSSI values and message sequence numbers when it does work?

Some settings were altered, probably when updating. Now it seems to work, but only when active… Does not get updates from tags if screen is not active, eg I put the phone in my pocket

Sounds that phone is restricting the usage of app and/or Bluetooth when it’s on the background. Sounds like this setting but some phone software’s might be doing on the background.