Ruuvi Station csv to graphs


Anyone found a simple and easy solution to make graphs from Ruuvi Station .csv files? Like drag and drop. Or at least graphical user interface. Not messing too much with code.

Ruuvi csv -> ? -> Grafana?

I tried InfluxDB and Grafana. BUT. Importing csv to InfluxDB seems to be pain - tried to install Telegraf for Influx csv function but installation failed with some error. Damn.

Also converting times to match linux time seems sounds like hassle. . Damn.

Using CSV in Grafana failed to Grafana not recognizing the pluings folder. Damn.

For background: I also tried to use a tablet with linux as gateway. But the bluetooth on that tablet does not work with the linux. Damn.

Tried to used Mac to collect the data from Ruuvi Tags. Seems the bluetooth is not compatible with OpenHab. Damn.

Influxdb “Add data using line protocol > Upload file” drag and drop gives an error. Maybe manual line protocal cloud do it. Needs to be studied .

If you don’t need data merged with other data, Can you use Excel or Libre Office?