Ruuvi Station calling gateway constantly


I have successfully set up a gateway call ( to my Ruuvi Station. But instead of calling using defined interval, gateway is called constantly or second after second. What is wrong?

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@Denis_Andreev can take a look at this next week, @ARosti ping me or @Denis_Andreev if you don’t hear back by Tuesday,

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if application is in foreground it will behave like you described - will send request to gateway on every registered signal from your RuuviTags. If it’s working in background then it will be activated accordingly with defined background scan interval. But unfortunately it won’t combine measurments from different sensors into one request. So for example if you have 3 sensors and you setup app to background scanning with 5 minutes interval then you should recieve 3 requests to gateway every 5 min.


Actually I have figured this out, and for some time in the background, the app called gw as described. But after some time in background, it seems that it started sending request like it was in foreground.

Unfortunately I cannot check this for now, since the Android phone where Ruuvi Station is installed is not in the same location I am, and it takes for a while before I can do further checking. It just sounds strange that app in background would somehow jump to foreground on its own.

I suggest this thread does not cause further investigations until I have gained access to the remote phone again to verify if the app is in foreground or not.



I have the same issue actually.
Going into the settings of Ruuvi Station seems to fix the problem.
But only until the phone is restarted. Then it starts again.

Did you find a sollution to permenantly fix the problem?

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Is it sending constantly in background every measurement? I seen reports that sometimes app start to act in background same as in foreground. What’s your Android version? Any other clues that can lead to understanding what actions may cause to this?


I have not troubleshooted this further. I replaced the functionality I need with integration to Home Assistant, and with that setup everything works well.

But of course it would be nice to know why Ruuvi Station occasionally starts to behave as in foreground even when being on background. And a valid question perhaps is, too, why calling a gateway needs to be done in sync with update interval when app is in foreground anyway?

Hi; Android version is 10 and it’s a Nokia 5.1.
No other clues though except from rebooting.
Can I activate some debugging to see what happens?

I was able to reproduce this behaviour after reboot. Will try to find solution and fix it ASAP.

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I expect this to be fixed in 1.4.26. This version currently available in Google Play for beta testers. Should be promoted for production release within a week if everything will be good.

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