Ruuvi on VRM Victron

I introduce myself, Eve, I am very happy to be part of the Ruuvi community and I hope that in the future I can help people.
I am the proud owner of several Ruuvi and a Victron installation. I therefore configured my sensors so that they could send their data to my CERBO GX in order to be viewed on the VRM.
I had understood that the sensors have a kind of internal cache in order to be able to recover the data in the event of a Bluetooth outage, unfortunately, when my sensor regains its Bluetooth connection it does not send its history to the CERBO GX, which makes it appear voids in curves.
Could someone help me because I forgot to do a setting.
Thank you again for your help.
Good for you

Hello Eve and thank you for your message!

RuuviTag does indeed store a 10 days history into its internal memory and our Ruuvi Station app is able to use Bluetooth connection to sync this data. However, I’m not aware if Victron’s software can download it. I had a look at their promotional material and on the surface it seems it will be able to listen to Bluetooth advertisements but limited to that.

Hello Marko,
Thank you very much for your reply.
I thought you had some kind of “partnership” with Victron and you could tell me what settings I left out. It is still critical to lose this history every time the Bluetooth link drops, what do you think?

Hi, thanks for your reply Eve.

Unfortunately we have no say regarding Victron software, but this could be a cool feature request :slight_smile:

From the Ruuvi products side you might be interested in our Ruuvi Gateway router if this data is critical to you. Alternatively, you are always able to download last 10 days of measurement data from the RuuviTag to Ruuvi Station app using Bluetooth connection on your mobile device.

Thanks Marko,
It’s nice but your gateway is of no use, my need is not to send the readings to an app other than VRM.
Especially when you want to use it to activate relays.