Ruuvi gateway won't find LAN, unstable wifi cxn

So, I forked out large for satellite data.

But the gateway just will not find the LAN. Plugged straight into the router (Huawei 618 b) via ethernet, Nada. nothing.
So I set up using the wifi instead. But this seems massively unstable, with significant outages each day. No pattern just not connected for hours at a time. Like right now, been no cxn to wifi for +3h, tried restarting gateway and restarting router - nothing. Wifi is stable and has static IP.
I’ve 24h to make this work before leaving this hemisphere. Where to look?

Hi @RandallWatson ,

Sorry for troubles with Ruuvi Gateway.
Please write to us at and let’s investigate this case together.

Thanks Marko, I didn’t have time yet to reach out to support.

I’m back in the Northern Hemisphere now. I managed to get it to recognise the LAN, but I’m not sure how as I didn’t change any settings etc. Now it’s setup and running using the ethernet cable. Let’s hope it’s stable - seems much better than the wifi at this juncture.

So now I’m collecting data from 4 sensors positioned over a 120 m radius from the gateway.

One interesting point, is that now I’m back over here, When I check the station data, I see that the data are displayed in local time for the computer/phone I’m viewing them on, and not for the location of the sensor/gateway/router… which seems kind of weird. Any settings I can tweak?

Hi @RandallWatson , Ruuvi Station always shows data in local timezone as used on your device. We don’t currently support showing a different timezone, but will consider this feature in the future.