Ruuvi Gateway firmware updates

We are delighted to announce the release of Ruuvi Gateway Firmware v1.13.1. This latest version includes several new features, enhancements, and bug fixes aimed at providing a superior user experience.

New Features:

  1. mDNS service implementation for resolving the Gateway hostname as “RuuviGatewayXXXX.local”
  2. Enhanced LED indication (Refer to the documentation: GW ESP32 LED - docs)
  3. MQTT: Option to disable Retain flag
  4. Introduction of a write-bearer token for secure API-based configuration saving
  5. Inclusion of reset reason and additional debug information in HTTP statistics
  6. Renaming of configuration WiFi hotspot to “Configure Ruuvi Gateway XXXX” to be more intuitive
  7. Configuration Wizard improvements:
    a. “Show password” icon added to all password fields
    b. Alphabetical sorting and increased maximum display limit for WiFi networks
    c. Backend check and validation
    d. Display of nRF52 firmware version

Minor Enhancements:

  1. Restriction of LAN access during WiFi hotspot activation
  2. Bundle update for CA Root Certificates
  3. Replacement of “ESP HTTP Client” with “Ruuvi HTTP Client” for HTTP/Websocket client
  4. Reproducible build implementation
  5. Configuration Wizard refinements:
    a. Access settings page: API-key disabling when “Remote configurable without a password” option is selected
    b. Prevention of unnecessary Wi-Fi list page refresh if no changes are detected
    c. Redesign of certain pages, along with language corrections and other refinements

Bug Fixes:

  1. Elimination of false task watchdog triggering
  2. Resolution of static IP configuration loss after downloading an empty configuration from a remote server
  3. Prevention of network watchdog activation in the absence of nearby Ruuvi sensors
  4. Addressing memory insufficiency during software update checks with active MQTT over SSL
  5. Configuration Wizard: Fix: Static Ethernet IP address does not work unless all fields are specified

We invite our esteemed beta testers to begin testing the Ruuvi Gateway Firmware v1.13.1. Your valuable feedback will help us enhance the user experience and ensure the firmware is well-optimised before the final release. We appreciate your continued support and contributions to the Ruuvi Gateway project. If you would like to participate in beta testing, you can enable receiving updates immediately after their release in the Configuration Wizard on the Automatic Updates page. For more information, please refer to the documentation: Automatic updates - docs