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Hi, I have done a demo of a very simple Bluetooth GATT server using a Raspberry Pi and Node.
I would like to port the GATT server to Ruuvi using Espruino, do you think this is feasible?
Even better, do you have a working example or repo to fork and start with?
Many thanks in advance!

Just to clarify the terminology:

You’re using Raspberry Pi as a GATT server, i.e. you connect to Raspi with Smartphone.
Raspi is peripheral, so data is being read by smartphone?

Espruino is somewhat limited in RAM and flash, but depending on your service it might be portable. If you have the code online somewhere I could take a look on porting.

Nordic UART service is implemented at, the branch is under development and breaking changes are possible.

There is a web-bluetooth page in progress for reading the data:

All of the code and documentation is in pre-alpha stage, connect with us on slack if you want to build on the current work in progress.