Ruuvi for commercial purposes using different protocol and back sticker/certifications

We would like to use/adopt/implement a different communication protocol (other than BLE) such as (base) 802.15.4 or even Nordic proprietary protocols, for commercial purposes (products).

According to your “RuuviTag - Can or Can’t?”, the statement:

“Use others than Nordic Semiconductor s132 v3.1.0a Bluetooth protocol stack or a totally different protocol, the Bluetooth declaration will not remain valid.”


So, it seems that ruuvi tags device continue to keep CE and FCC certifications but not the Bluetooth, of course, right?
(I any case, if required we can re-certificate it for CE and FCC if needed).

Now, what about the back sticker?

Can we cut the Bluetooth symbol and keep the rest of the sticker, and of course, keep the a hyperlink to on the product case and/or website?

Should we remove the all sticker and re-certificate it for CE and FCC?

Please, highlight your conditions for this use case.

Thank you


CE, FCC and ROHS would remain valid as far as I know, the RF test was done without BLE modulation and therefore remains valid on different RF protocol. You should double-check the RF portion of test in any case.

@henri can discuss the labeling options in detail, we might be able to do custom labeling without the BLE symbol for your enclosures as well as flashing your firmware at factory, but it depends on volume and schedule.

We were thinking to flash them by ourselves on our lab. We already have lost of programmer boards bought from you. Is that possible?
As far as labeling is concerned, we would like to start by cutting the BLE symbol (if possible!) for the first dozen or twenty units (in order to listen to the maket acceptance) and after that order from you the final labels without BLE symbol. Is this Ok for you? If not, please, establish your strict rules for this.

Thank you


Of course you can program the devices yourself, we only offer option to program the firmware at factory to ease your own process.

From Ruuvi’s point of view there is no problem if you cut off the Bluetooth logo. I’m not sure if it affects the other certifications, but since the modification was done by you the legal responsibility of modified devices shifts to you as far as I understand.

Practically no-one is going to be concerned about few dozens of devices having modified labeling to stay in spirit of the certifications, but let’s be sure to verify the legal side before going on to larger volumes. The international regulations can be quite complex to navigate sometimes, we’ll help you as much as we can but we’re not lawyers.

We are going to “probe” the market with just a few nodes with BLE part cut off and then we will require from you the firmware programming and the final labeling without the Bluetooth part on bulk orders.

Thank you for all your flexibility!