Ruuvi firmware update fails (GATT timeout)

Ruuvi update fails. It’s an old tag, maybe 2018(?) Two-button B+R procedure to start FW update seems to work, but nRF Connect (iPhone) always claims the tag is disconnected.

Trying the update on an Android tablet + Ruuvi Station app informs us “GATT timeout” after a while.

The firmware does work, as I get sensor readings from the tag, but updating seems impossible.

Without resorting to hardware reprogramming, is there a way to make the update happen? Old device, definitely not covered by warranty any more.

Video of the problem available if you’re interested:

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On older tags most common reason for failed update is old battery. The update is hard on the battery, so a battery that can tun normal operation might fail on update.

Old tag also require and SDK update, Ruuvi Station app can do it automatically. Alternatively you can update with nRF Connect by using SDK Update package

iPhone is probably in connected mode to RuuviTag, remove that connection.