Ruuvi died in 8 days

Ruuvitag placed in sailboat salon on 11/10. Last upload to Victron VRM on 11/18. 2 weeks later, (12/2) removed from boat with battery at 1.8v. Replaced battery on 12/6 and red led is solid and Ruuvitag is undiscoverable by iPhone with Bluetooth or NFC.

Another Ruuvitag is still working on boat under the same conditions.

Is there anything I can do to revive it? It has a single button and I tried a short push and a long (10 second) push. Still has steady red led.

Hello and sorry about the problem.

If your tag uses up the battery in few weeks, please contact and we’ll check if the issue is covered under warranty.

Thanks! I was hoping it was a simple “hold button down for 30 seconds” (tried that too).