Ruuvi Connector connecting?

Just all things in my desk but don’t know how to connect:
RuuviTag Pro + special wire + Connector + temperature sensor DS18B20.
Which way the wire, what pins ? Do I need new programming?

A little help from my friend…

Does it need to be DS18B20? If you scroll this page you will find a or ruggedized TMP117 sensors: New project: External Ruuvi sensor boards - #41 by Michael_Haberler

Here’s also discussion about DS sensors Temperature measurement outside the tag - #4 by jmpr76

Connecting DS18B20 is a bit tricky because nRF52 does not support 1-wire communication on hardware level.

To connect the sensor to RuuviTag you need to implement software-based 1-wire protocol on GPIO or find an integrate a ready-made library for it.

Then you need to implement DS18B20 communication on top of your 1-wire protocol and finally connect it all into a Ruuvi sensor driver interface so that the Ruuvi Firmware can use your sensor.

Overall I’d estimate that’s 1 - 3 weeks of programming to get everything ready, depending on what external libraries can be found and on the level of power optimization you need to do on sensor.

Physically, I’d connect the sensor to Ruuvi Connector like this: VCC-VCC (connector pin 1), GND-GND (connector pin 8), DATA to any of P0.20, P0.30, P0.31 (connector pins 4, 5, 6). Exact configuration for data pin is defined in software.