Ruuvi bug with Android 7.1.1


Ruuvi Android app does not work with Android 7.1.1. I think this must be solved?

I have some skills. Can anybody point out what especially should be done in Android Studio debugger to trace the incoming packets and to see why pairing is not working? Does anybody know what has been changed in Android say from 6.0.1. to 7.1.1. regarding Bluetooth?

Could somebody test me 7.1.2-beta, so I don’t start programming for nothing?!topic/nexus/Mv5Hc6Lw7rA

Let’s get this fixed quickly?

Kind Regards,
Jukka Juslin


Somebody answered me, but I do not know how to respond. I am available at slack as @Jukka Juslin. I got other reports that their does not work either on 7.1.1 so this is not just me. Phone is One Plus 3T. I need to teach programming mostly from 8:20AM-1:00PM, so then I am mostly busy. Let’s try with new APK:s and any keyword help would also be good to have in case I could personally program correction, if it is possible. I will get back to to Slack and others about after 1PM.


Api level 23 onwards location services must be also enabled for bluetooth scanning to work. Also you need to get permission from user at runtime.

In android studio you could check can you get the bluetooth adapter and if its ok take a look what the scan result callback function gets as result.

Thank you for the good advice!