Ruuvi at Sea: NMEA2000 Support


For all people with a sail or motorboat it would be great if the Ruuvi hub can be connected to NMEA2000 so I can see fridge, engine temperature and humidity on my plotter and other displays.

And vice versa, see NMEA2000 data in the Ruuvi app.

What do other people think?

Kind regards,


Hi Joan and thank you for this idea!

At a glance the NMEA 2000 communications standard looks interesting, however Iā€™m not aware which devices are currently in the ecosystem that would support connecting Ruuvi sensors via Bluetooth. Downloading data from a cloud service could be one option but internet connections rarely work well on yachts or ships out in the open seas.

Let me know where to look for more information.

The workaround is to install the large image of Victron Venus OS and then use Signal K, which has all the RuuviTag data, to convert it to NMEA 2000. Or some other product where Signal K can be running.

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