Running Apache Mynewt on Ruuvitag


I plan to use Apache Mynewt OS with Ruuvitags. I see Ruuvitag listed as supported on their website, but I cannot find the hardware board support package (bsp) files in Mynewt core’s source code. Is there anyone else who has tried this? Can you please share your bsp (board support package) files?


Hi Iosif,
I work on the Mynewt project. Thank you for considering Mynewt! We can make the bsp files available on the master branch on Monday (April 10). I think we were going to test it with the latest Ruuvitag, but we’ll test it on the older version and add it on Monday. And if you have any question do not hesitate to ask it on the dev@mynewt.incubator. mailing list. Response time is really quick.

That sounds excellent! Thank you very much!

Great news about the support coming to master! Were there any problems with the ruuvitag or is the github mirror slow?


No problems with the Ruuvitag but we ran into problems with the old Devshield that we had. A new one is on the way and we will upload the code as soon as it is tested. I expect it to be early next week. Sorry for the delay.

Hi Aditi,

Meanwhile I successfully loaded and run the blinky and bleprph apps by using rb-nano2 BSP. I have chosen this BSP as I am using Redbear Lab’s “Daplink” device to flash the Ruuvitag. The only changes I made to the BSP were to adjust the LED_BLINK_PIN pin number to 17 in hw/bsp/rb-nano2/include/bsp/bsp.h and disabled UART_0 in hw/bsp/rb-nano2/syscfg.yml. Because I don’t connect anything to UART pins, in each app I have replaced “sys/console/full” with “sys/console/stub”, otherwise the firmware would not startup completely (this took me a while to figure out).

Thank you very much Mynewt Team for this great OS! It would be awesome to see the Ruuvitag supported with all of its onboard sensors on github!

Best regards,

Hi igut,

The ruuvitag BSP has been added now!

Thank you for using Mynewt! And it’s great to hear you like the OS. We are excited about our sensor framework in the OS. I’d be eager to hear how you put it to use. I would encourage you to join the mailing list. That’s the fastest way to get answers if you have any questions.


Excellent! Thank you very much!

Does Mynewt already include BubblePy? Does Mynewt support 1-wire sensors?