Restoring default firmware

I have been playing with ruuvitag devices by testing my own firmware on them. Now it is time to restore some of them to the default firmware. Please could you confirm the following assumptions to me:

  1. I have to download zip file ( Download Ruuvi Firmware distribution package (.zip))

  2. Burn it into ruuvitag flash memory.

Questions from a beginner

The zip file includes 3 files: should I burn all those files or just the bin file?
Does the bin file already includes the suitable SD?



Iā€™m assuming that you have a devkit available. Download the full binary from and erase the tag before flashing a new firmware, i.e.

nrfjprog --eraseall
nrfjprog --program ruuvi_firmware_full_1.2.12.hex 
nrfjprog --reset

Yes, I have.
Thanks you for the instructions