Repair hole on the "piece-of-paper" on the case

recently a stupid bird decided to break my ruuviTag case hole, making it no more resistant to dust and rain:

What can I do for fixing it? I have to use my ruuvi outdoor so protection from the weather is essential, but I don’t want to completely isolate the sensor from the external world because I probably will get completely wrong temp measurements. I also received a completely transparent case but I think it’s too sealed and I will not get accurate temp measurements.
Any advice on how to fix it?
Many thanks!

The transparent case I’m talking about is this:

Isolating the sensor won’t produce wrong temps, it will only produce wrong humidity and pressure measurements.

Yes but will produce certainly a considerable delay in the temperature measures. Also, I’m planning to use it as a weather station so humidity and pressure is essential.

The “piece-of-paper” is a watertight breathing sticker, so searching for something like “IP67 breathing sticker” or “IP67 breathable membrane” should find some places selling those kind of stickers for sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks! But I’m not able to find it in any trusted store with the name you provided…
See what this man has done.

But it worked with medical tape?

It seems birds like RuuviTag sticker :smile:
It’s not so easy to find this kind of membrane but you can contact and we can figure out the problem.

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Now in the second winter my outdoor Ruuvitag too became interesting to some bird. Which resulted in a hole in the sticker. Do we still contact Ruuvi sales?

The lid could maybe be designed as dual layer with air intake channels so the sticker would be protected.

Design could be changed but it will cause rather big expenses and this is quite rare issue. :slight_smile:
Just, sent an email to same address.

Hello Henri
Could you provide some data on the membrane that are original used ?
Would be nice for other types of DIY projects.

These membranes are not available in small quantities as far as I know. More information available here

I used a piece of that breathable sticking plaster for wounds, its called microporous tape here in the UK.
Seems to work and pennies in Boots the Chemist.

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That’s good idea!