Removing sensors from apps when user signs out?

I am trying to understand the intent of this approach:

“When you sign out,
sensors the ownership of which you’ve claimed on the sensorSettings page
will be automatically removed from the app.
When you sign in again using the same email address,
the sensors weill be returned from the cloud.”

I signed out on
Sensors whose advertisements are still being received are removed.
In my case 7 are removed but 6 are retained.Of course I can add them back in and rename them and update the photo and re-establish the alert limits to both station.IOS and or not.
The prior history and graph is not available.

I am further confused as I am still signed in on station.IOS which is now “missing” some sensors.

“swamp 22AB” on station.IOS still signed in, shows data from last visit, Mon Sep 20 2021 09:37:34, station.web, shows it but NO data, does not show it.

Can someone clarify if this behavior is expected.

The intent is “User signs out, sensors which are synced from cloud get removed from local app”.

@Marko Can you test this on iOS, Android and Web, try to replicate data missing?

User signs out, sensors receiving advertisements should not be removed,
Even if they were synced from the cloud. Short term, simple dumb solution might be just delay removal for a couple of minutes allowing advertisements to hit the sensor.

When station.* comes into range with a sensor synced to the cloud,
the data from the advertisement should takes precedence.

I am logged in and I have one sensor (EC0F) last seen by gateway 4 h 10 min 4 s ago and when I bring downstairs next to the sensor is does NOT update ! I return upstairs and a few minutes later, Whoops, As I wrote this it it suddenly updates RSSI= -88dBm or -95, -93,-91

Cloud, as shown by station.web shows RSSi=-89. now shows -74 ! Gateway is not moving.

station.IOS does update from advertisement.

Damn Haltija are everywhere.

We’ll consider it, I can see the reasoning but on the other hand “sensors seen locally” might feel arbitrary to users.

I’d say latest data should be displayed. At some point we had old cloud data overriding new data from advertisement, but I think this has already been fixed. @Denis_Andreev ?

I think this is the same issue as above, old cloud data overriding new advertisement data.

RSSI depends on a lot of factors, your phone WiFi sending something can drop the signal strength from tag to gateway even if both are in one place. It’s actually possible to spot office getting filled with people from RSSI becoming lower and noisier during business hours.

Bug with overriding latest data should be fixed in 1.5.45. But all this sounds like disabled Bluetooth or Bluetooth fail.

Off topic of original post but for information:

Both gateway and sensor EC0F continue to receive and transmit well.
RuuviCollector near gateway continues to log advertisements at expected intervals i.e. 31 seconds stdev of 0.0000181