Remote reboot gateway

My gateway somehow stopped working and I currently don’t have physical access. It’s still reachable over the network, but no data is published on MQTT anymore. When I load the web configuration in the browser, the “Let’s get started” button can’t be pressed, it’s disabled. Is there a way to remotely reboot the gateway, maybe that gets it working again?

Looking in the browsers debugging network tab it never gets a reply to http://myip/ruuvi.json?_=somenumber

Hi @tobru,

These are very unusual symptoms. One possible cause is that memory fragmentation is preventing a block of memory from being allocated to respond to an HTTP request. It would help us a lot if you could collect browser logs - open Developer Tools, refresh the page and take a screenshot of the Network tab.

Unfortunately, there is no API for remotely rebooting Gateway, but as a workaround, you could try disabling HTTP/MQTT targets as described here: Configuration update via API - docs

Then, if this will allow you to get access to the configurator, you can configure retransmission to an invalid server address (Ruuvi cloud must be disabled, and only custom HTTP target must be enabled) and the gateway will then be automatically restarted by the network watchdog after 1 hour.

Hi @Alexey ,

Thanks for the tips. I could reconfigure the gateway using the linked curl commands. Once I changed the MQTT server URL from a DNS name to an IP address, it connected to the MQTT broker again. The web admin is still not working, though. I’ll dig in deeper once I’m onsite again and will report back with more details.

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