Reducing motion sensitivity

I am using a RuuvuTag Pro 2 in 1 to monitor sea turtle egg clutches. I need to reduce the motion sensitivity so the ocean waves don’t run up the counter. How can this be done?


You would need to build a custom firmware for yourself. Changing the sensitivity itself is one line change at ruuvi.firmware.c/src/application_config/application_mode_default.h at 6e1d33f9110c88985ba0e59768b84fb4cf33673d · ruuvi/ruuvi.firmware.c · GitHub, values in range of 0.016 to 1.024 are valid if I recall correctly. Larger is less sensitive and you can adjust at 0.016 increments, the firmware will round the value to the next upper value that matches. The unit is in G, so configuring 1.000 would mean that tag has to be in free fall for the motion to register.