RAWv2 firmware movement counter is not counting

I’m using 2.2.2 firmware to try the movement counter, but it randomly works, and most of the time doesn’t. I’m trying two different RuuviTag with the same result.

I was under the impression it would count any movement but maybe I was wrong.

Is there any requirement for the movement_counter to get incremented? Idk, maybe it needs to be in a specific axis to be counted…

According to the changelog I don’t think v2.3 will help, but… Anyone thinks it may help?



Maybe the threshold isn’t sensitive enough for your use-case.
Could you give 2.4.1-alpha a try? https://github.com/ojousima/ruuvitag_fw/releases/tag/2.4.1-alpha

It uses 64 mg instead of 64 bits as a threshold and it should be more sensitive.
You’ll need to press “B” once to enter RAWv2 mode.

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An alpha? uhm… I don’t know if I should…

Just kidding. I installed it and It does work!

BTW, my use case was the door. I put them on the door and kept opening and closing it non-stop and quite aggressively without changes in the movement_counter. Now a simple open-close movement will trigger it. Perfect! And I see it uses even less battery, win win.

Thanks a lot!

Happy to hear that it works for you :slight_smile:

We’ll move the 2.4.1 into beta next week, please let us know if you notice any issues.

Can any one help me setting up movement counter (for a ruuvi attached to a door)? I’ve got Ruuviberry on RasPi 3B. Everything works nice except I cannot figure out how to collect movement counts and visualize using Grafana/single stats or smthg…thanks!

Edit: firmware updated today to 2.4.2 but didn’t help…

Just to clarify: Can you receive the movement count? Is it always zero or something else? Have you tried moving the tag around by hand?

RuuviStation works OK, I can get the movement alert etc. On RasPi/grafana I would like to have a numerical counter panel (a singlestat?) showing sum of door movements per day or week. What would be the grafana query for this kind of panel? Sorry, I’m very N00b with influxdb and grafana…

I’m not an expert on Grafana either, but maybe you could try (non-negative)derivative or difference?