Raspberry Pi 4 & ruuvitags slow wifi

Hi, I have a Raspberry pi 4 and a couple of ruuvitags. I did all the installation according to this guide https://blog.ruuvi.com/rpi-gateway-6e4a5b676510.

The problem is the internet speed drops from 40/10 Mbps to 0.1/0.1 Mbps when I start ruuvi-collector.jar manually or using service. The same internet slowdown also happens if I start sudo hcitool lescan.

Would there be solutions to this problem? Any help is appreciated.

I’m wondering if the LEScan reserves the 2.4 GHz antenna for itself. If you have a BLE Dongle available, you could try using that dongle for scanning.

Yeh, that might be possible. Could changing wifi channel help? My router can only use 2.4GHz.

I solved the problem with using RJ45 cable. It’s not the best fix, but it will do for a while.

I think both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi use the same antenna, but I’m not sure. The solution would be to adjust the timesharing of the WiFi and BLE somehow, but I’ve no idea how to do it on RPi.

@Lemminkyinen What version of Pi4 are you using? I was able to use Otso’s guide for the 4GB RAM version, but have perhaps a similar slow-down issue with the 8GB version. However in the 8GB case the whole pi seems to slow down. I’m running headless and haven’t had a chance to connect direct yet, so I’ll do that at some point and dig in a bit.